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Foil Lacquers

Water-based decorating and finish foil lacquers

Acid-curing lacquer                               Formaldehyde emission according to E1 (in case of sufficient drying)

Acid-curing acrylic lacquer                 Lacquer with low formaldehyde emission

Acrylic lacquer                                       Formaldehyde-free, solvent-free

Solvent-based decorating and finish foil lacquers

Polyurethane lacquer                            Standard quality, formaldehyde-free

PUR acrylic lacquer                               Similar to polyurethane lacquer, formaldehyde-free

Polyester lacquer                                   Formaldehyde-free

Acid-curing, Solvent-based lacquer

Decorating and finish foil lacquers, radiation-curing