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lacquer and stains for furniture

NC lacquers

  • Easy to apply
  • Quick-drying
  • Limited solvent resistance
  • Broad field of application
  • Appealing look, comfortable grip

PUR lacquers

  • 2K systems; based on alkyd, polyester or acrylic resins; cross linking is realised by curing solutions containing isocyanates
  • Very good mechanical and chemical resistance, especially when using acrylic resins very good photostability
  • Wide property range can be adjusted, e.g. water resistance, water vapour resistance, abrasion and scratch resistance or flame resistance
  • High-quality coatings for living, bathroom and object furniture area

AC lacquers

  • Low-formaldehyde 1K or 2K system basing on modified alkyd precondensates; cross linking reaction is carried out using an acid catalyst
  • Good mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Quick-drying with high filling capacity

Water-based lacquers

  • Lacquer materials basing on dispersions with special environmental compatibility thanks to low solvent contents
  • After evaporating of the water and fusion of the dispersion particles (“coalescence”), water-resistant films with good mechanical-technological properties develop
  • Chemical resistance depends on using a 1K, 2K or radiation-curing water-based lacquer system
  • Wide property and application range

UV lacquers

  • Radiation-curing lacquer materials basing on unsaturated polyesters or acrylates
  • Almost emission-free with solid contents up to 100%; for special applications (spraying application, open-pored coatings) solids reduction may be possible by adding solvents or water (see above)
  • High-quality lacquering of wood, derived timber products or furniture
  • Stacking or further processing are immediately possible after UV curing
  • Good mechanical-technological and chemical resistance
  • available as colourless and pigmented lacquer in different gloss levels

Stains, pore pastes etc.

  • Stains are available as water-based, solvent-based and combination stains, depending on the desired effect and application type